Indy Acres Paintball Bachelor Parties

What a way to celebrate your buddy tying the knot! While not all our bachelor parties force the groom-to-be to wear a dress, all of them have a great time. Whether you have a small group or a large one, there are always plenty of laughs – and bragging rights – after a paintball bachelor party

Private Bachelor Party

The best way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials your way is to book a private bachelor party. You and at least 9 other guests get to enjoy your own ref and being the only players on the field. You can get as rowdy as you want (within reason of course!) and you won’t have to watch out for younger players.  

Open Play Bachelor Party

If you don’t have 10 people that want to play paintball, you can always do an open play bachelor party. Your group will mix in with other players on the field and you can all enjoy shooting each other. This is also a great way to make sure the groom-to-be gets shot as much as possible before the big day! 

Bachelor Party FAQs

Can We Bring Stuff for a Party? 

Absolutely! Bring a cooler, cake, pizza or whatever you want to make the day special. Please no alcohol!  

Is It OK if We Get a Little Crazy? 

If your craziness keeps within our rules, you can make the day as memorable as you want! We’ve had members of the party show up in the craziest suits they can find, the groom in a wedding dress and much more! Celebrating your friend or family member getting married should be memorable – just make sure you can run and walk safely in whatever you decide to wear.  

Keep in mind that if you do a private party, it’s just your group on the field. With open play there will likely be kids and teenagers playing with you – along with parents that might get angry if you’re too over the top or crude! 


Can We Do a Mixed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? 

Of course! We’ve had bachelor vs. bachelorette parties that were a blast for the entire group! You don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to, but it makes for some awesome pics and memories later! A mixed bachelor party is also a great way to get out any frustrations that have built up with all those deadlines and fittings before the big day!

Is It Going to Leave Any Marks? 

Generally, no, there won’t be any marks to mess up those beautiful pictures of the wedding. If everyone follows our surrender rules, the 60% less impact of our .50-caliber fields makes things a lot nicer. Plus, your face will be protected behind a full face mask, and we all know that’s the most important part!