.50-Caliber Low Impact Paintballs

low impact paintball

Discover Low Impact Paintball

If you’ve ever played traditional .68 caliber paintball, you already know it can cause pain and leave bruises. Low impact paintball provides an experience that adults and kids can enjoy, without all that pain.

What Does Low Impact Really Mean?

At Indy Acres Paintball, players use .50 caliber paintballs, which are lighter, smaller and explode easier than .68 caliber options. This means that when you get hit, you won’t have to deal with the pain and sting that those larger paintballs deliver.

Our .50 caliber paintballs measure .5 inches in diameter, and only weigh about as much as a paperclip at 1.25 grams. In comparison, a traditional paintball weighs in at around 3 grams. This weight and size difference means a smaller impact zone and considerably less sting, even when using our semi-automatic guns. When you consider that the impact of our paintballs measures around 5 joules, compared to the 13 joules of a .68 caliber, you can easily see how low impact gives you all the fun, without the pain.

Outdoor Low Impact Paintball Provides Fun for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re a hardcore paintballer, or you’ve been hesitant about trying it due to the stories about bruising and pain, the low impact paintball experience at Indy Acres Paintball makes sure everyone 8 years and older can have a great time. With mission-based combat play that becomes an adventure for everyone involved, we provide a safe recreational facility that’s perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, outings with friends and bachelor/bachelorette parties. If you’ve ever sat on the sidelines because you were afraid of the sting, it’s time you let out your inner child and experience low impact paintball.

Book your private party today or come in for open play and experience the fast-paced fun at Indy Acres Paintball. With our outdoor facilities that include bunkers, obstacles and a thick tree line, friends and family members will enjoy excitement and the adrenaline of tactical gameplay, with all the benefits of low impact paintball.