Indy Acres Paintball Group Events

Indy Acres Paintball Group Events

From baseball teams to girl scout troops, churches and youth centers, paintball parties are always a fun and exciting team-building event. Whether celebrating a major win, a great year or just to give the kids a chance to experience something different, our low-impact paintball parties are always a hit!

Paintball group event

Remember - 60% Less Impact!

paintball team building

Our paintball team events are great for kids age 8 and older. Our .50-caliber paintballs have 60% less impact than .68-caliber fields, giving parents peace of mind that their children won’t be covered in bruises. While it might sting a little, it generally isn’t much worse than being flicked with a towel or a rubber band. If you’re still worried, we also have padded shirts available for added protection. 

A Fun Reward They'll Always Remember

Maybe your Boy or Girl Scout troop did a great job raising money or earning their badges. Paintball team-building events are a memorable reward for a job well done! Kids of all ages enjoy the competitive thrill on the field, and everyone who plays will enjoy those memories for a long time! 

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Perfect for Groups of All Sizes

Large Group Night Play

Our private paintball events are perfect for 10 to 100 or more players. From corporate events to team outings or just friends getting together, paintball parties give everyone the chance to have fun and get their adrenaline pumping! 

Our private paintball parties are available any time, so you can schedule when your players are available. We have openings available any day of the week, and we offer day, evening and night play options.  If you have any questions, make sure to contact us today!

Group Events FAQ

What Are Paintball Group Events? 

First, paintball group events are all about having fun! Every player receives everything they need to play paintball, including the gun, mask and all-day air – the number of paintballs included depends on which package you purchase. Your group gets to enjoy playing paintball on several different fields, and whenever you’re ready for refreshments, just let the ref know and your group can take a break from playing for food and drinks.  

Why is a Private Paintball Party Best for Group Events? 

Private paintball parties are the best choice for groups celebrating accomplishments, quarters, or just spending time together outside the office. Your group has its own ref and is the only group that plays on the field during games. Private party guests can also choose which games they play throughout the day.  

Open play parties have all the same benefits, except your group plays with whoever else is playing that day. While open play is perfect for smaller groups, most corporate, church and business players prefer playing with only their group.

What Can We Bring? 

You can bring drinks, snacks, coolers, balloons, table covers and anything else you want. Your reservation gets you 1 picnic table (or more depending on the number of guests). There are also pizza places nearby that deliver if you want to serve fresh, hot food. We’ve even had guests bring their own grills for a cookout between games. Just make sure to contact us with any special requests!

Are Paintball Group Events Right for All Ages? 

Our group paintball parties are perfect for both kids and adults. However, kids must be 8 years old or older to play on our fields. Kids that are 8 and 9 years old must have an adult within arms reach of them at all times when on the field. If you have a mixed group of ages ranging from kids to teens and adults, you can be sure all of them will love the competitive, objective-based games that we play!  

What Should We Wear? 

Our paintball fields are all .50-caliber, which has 60% less impact than traditional .68-caliber fields. Younger players might want to wear a hoodie or long sleeves, while most adults are fine without additional layers. Generally, dress for the weather, not the paintball! If you’re unsure how your child will react, wear layers so he or she can take one off if they get too hot while playing. We also recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty – you’ll be playing in grass, dirt and even in the woods. 

Does It Hurt? 

Paintball does sting a little, but it isn’t that bad! If you’ve ever been flicked with a towel or a rubber band, it’s kinda like that. We have surrender rules in place so players aren’t shot at close range during paintball group events, but it’s up to the players to make sure they follow them. We also have padded shirts available for rent if you’re concerned about the pain. 

Does the Paint Stain? 

No, the paint doesn’t stain most clothing. However, it might leave oil marks on dry-clean only garments. It also wouldn’t be a good idea to wear white – everyone knows that color stains the easiest! We have jumpsuits available for those who prefer covering their own clothing for added protection.

Is There Anywhere for People That Don’t Want to Play? 

Yes, we have plenty of seating in our staging area. This gives a nice view of at least one entire field and parts of other ones. If party-goers want to watch on the field without playing, we can do that too – this is a great way to get memorable photos of the guests! If you want to be an on-field spectator, just let us know at check-in. 

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