Indy Acres Paintball Corporate Events

If you’re looking for corporate events that are sure to get everyone excited, just mention the word “paintball” and watch the reactions. Everyone’s equal behind a paintball marker, which means your sales team can take on the marketing department and shoot it out for bragging rights. When you choose paintball for your team-building or corporate events, you’ll quickly realize that titles don’t matter on the paintball field.  

Our paintball team building events help employees bond in ways that usually don’t happen at the office. A bit of healthy competition is also a great way to settle some of those departmental differences in a safe way!  

Book Your Private Team-Building Event Today!

Our private parties are available any day of the week, making sure you can find a date and time that meets the needs of your business. Whether you need to schedule a team-building event in the very near future, or you’re planning corporate events months in advance, you’ll be able to find a slot for groups ranging from 10 players up to 100 or more.  

If you are booking a large party, make sure to give us a call at 317-356-INDY, or contact us with any questions.

Indy Acres Paintball 7225 E. Raymond St. Indianapolis, IN. 46239 – Phone: 317-356-INDY

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