Indy Acres Paintball Corporate Events

Indy Acres Paintball Corporate Events

If you’re looking for a corporate event that is sure to get everyone excited, just mention the word “paintball” and watch the reactions. Everyone’s equal behind a paintball marker, which means your sales team can take on the marketing department and shoot it out for bragging rights. When you choose paintball for your corporate team-building event, you’ll quickly realize that titles don’t matter on the paintball field.  

Our paintball team building events help employees bond in ways that usually don’t happen at the office. A bit of healthy competition is also a great way to settle some of those departmental differences in a safe way!  

Book Your Private Team-Building Event Today!

Our private parties are available any day of the week, making sure you can find a date and time that meets the needs of your business. Whether you need to schedule a team-building event in the very near future, or you’re planning months in advance, you’ll be able to find a slot for groups ranging from 10 players up to 100 or more.  

Indy Acres Paintball 7225 E. Raymond St. Indianapolis, IN. 46239 – Phone: 317-356-INDY

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