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Indy Acres Paintball - Rules of Conduct
These will be enforced
  • It is recommend to be at least 8 to play, anybody under 10 has to have an adult play with them. The adult must be within 6 feet of play at all time on the field of play.
  • Goggles must be worn at all times while within the boundaries of the playing fields. There is no second warning. Violation will result in ejection.
  • Barrel plugs or blocking devices must be used outside the playing field & in staging areas at all times.
  • All markers must be set in semi-auto mode, 15 ball cap, no ramping or bounce triggers
  • Feet per second (FPS) set at 275 max for rec play
  • During recreational play, a 20-foot surrender rule exists. Within 20 feet, you must give opponent a warning to surrender. If opponent indicates an unwillingness to surrender, you may fire your marker at that opponent.
  • During recreational play, there is no bunkering allowed, you may approach the opponent's bunker & tag the front eliminating all players in that bunker.
  • There is a 3hit limit on shooting an opponent. After breaking 3 balls, you must cease fire and loudly call a referee for a "paint check" to get a player off field if they have not already called themselves out.
  • Eliminations: 1 hit = 1 break = out
    After being eliminated you must give the universal signal for "I am out of this game" by calling "hit", placing plug in barrel, placing one hand on top of head, raise other hand and marker into air & leave field silently & immediately going to designated "dead box" area.
  • We have zero tolerance for cheating or wiping.
  • Referees will decide game scenario or format & will divide teams fairly based on equipment and experience.
  • Do not argue with a referee's call. Calls are final
  • Indy Acres Paintball referees work for product compensation tournament support and tips. If you enjoyed your experience playing here today, please tip your referee accordingly.
  • We are always willing to listento suggestions for improvements and always looking for new team member referees to improve the Indy Acres Paintball experience.
  • Have fun
  • Thank you for coming and play safe and fair